Pre-Season Mock Draft


MLB Mock Draft 2020 


Here’s a snippet…. 




Pick 1: Detroit Tigers 

It’s early, Hancock or Martin?


Prediction: Emerson Hancock



Pick 2: Baltimore Orioles

The Birds are building up the middle…


Prediction: Austin Martin



Pick 3: Miami Marlins

Landing spot for Tork


Prediction:  Spencer Torkelson



Pick 4 Kansas City Royals

KC’s type of athlete…..


Prediction: Garrett Mitchell 



Pick 5  Toronto Blue Jays

College arm here…..


Prediction:  Asa Lacy



Pick 6: Seattle Mariners

They’ll lurk at the HS crop but Dipoto is comfy in his chair to risk that. Gonzales or college arm here.


Prediction: Garrett Crochett



Pick 7 Pittsburgh Pirates


The consensus has Hendricks here, I prefer Veen.


Prediction: Zac Veen 



Pick 8 San Diego Padres

The Friars go with power arm here and fast moving pieces w/ next picks.


Prediction: Jared Kelley



Pick 9 Colorado Rockies

System is in need of athlete’s and arms….has been burned in the past w/ HS arm so they go college arm here and preferably an SEC arm…


Prediction: JT Ginn



Pick 10 Los Angeles Angels

Upside pick here as in past? Armstrong, Howard will get long looks….Bitsko could develop into a frontline starter…


Prediction: Nick Bitsko



Pick 11 Chicago White Sox

Power arm that could move fast and impact surging MLB team in multiple roles.


Prediction: Carmen Mlodzinski



Pick 12 Cincinnati Reds

Mick Abel? who wins in the draft room?


Prediction: Nick Gonzales



Pick 13 San Francisco Giants


Prediction: Dylan Crews



Pick 14 Texas Rangers


Prediction: Austin Hendricks



Pick 15 Philadelphia Phillies


Prediction:  Casey Martin



Pick 16 Chicago Cubs


Prediction: Pete Crow Armstong 



Pick 17 Boston Red Sox 


Prediction: Ed Howard



Pick 18 Arizona Diamondbacks


Prediction: Tyler Soderstrom 



Pick 19 New York Mets


Prediction: Cade Cavalli



Pick 20 Milwaukee Brewers


Prediction: Jordan Walker 



Pick 21 St. Louis Cardinals 


Prediction: CJ Van Eyk



Pick 22 Washington Nationals



Prediction: Mick Abel 



Pick 23 Cleveland Indians


Prediction: Robert Hassell



Pick 24 Tampa Bay Rays

Prediction: Cole Wilcox



Pick 25  Atlanta Braves


Prediction: Reid Detmers



Pick 26 Oakland A’s


Prediction: Freddy Zamora injury (2/13/20) 



Pick 27 Minnesota Twins


Prediction: Drew Romo



Pick 28 New York Yankees 


Prediction: Slade Cecconi



Pick 29 Los Angeles Dodgers 


Prediction: Petey Halpin



Pick 30 Baltimore Orioles


Prediction: Carson Mongotmery 



Pick 31 Pittsburgh Pirates


Prediction: Nick Griffin



Pick 32 Kansas City Royals



Prediction: Austin Wells 



Pick 33 Arizona Diamondbacks


Prediction: Tanner Burns


Pick 34 San Diego Padres


Prediction: Jared Jones



Pick 35 Colorado Rockies


Prediction: Cole Henry



Pick 36 Cleveland Indians


Prediction: Dax Fulton



Pick 37 Tampa Bay Rays

Prediction: Aaron Sabato



Pick 38 Detroit Tigers


Prediction: Blaze Jordan



Pick 39 Baltimore Orioles


Prediction: Tommy Mace



Pick 40 Miami Marlins


Prediction: Heston Kjerstad



Pick 41 Kansas City Royals


Prediction: Max Meyer



Pick 42 Toronto Blue Jays


Prediction: Daniel Cabrera


Pick 43 Seattle Mariners



Prediction: Nick Loftin


Pick 44 Pittsburgh Pirates


Prediction: Patrick Bailey


Pick 45 San Diego Padres


Prediction: Jake Eder


Pick 46 Colorado Rockies


Prediction: Isaiah Greene/Chase Davis


Pick 47 Chicago White Sox 


Prediction: Markevian Hence


Pick 48 Cincinnati Reds


Prediction: Maysin Winn


Pick 49 San Francisco Giants 


Prediction: Chris McMahon


Pick 50 Texas Rangers

Prototype recently…

Prediction:  Justin Foscue



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