Perfect Game All-American Game – Quick Bites


PG Pageant Notes


Which players will boost farm system rankings?



Bobby Witt Jr

It’s public knowledge by now that hard contact eluded him this summer. He went 0-for-Area Codes and Perfect Game.


According to Samcast 85 percent of batted balls in play were weak, I saw 19 foul balls and 12 swing n misses. To his credit he managed to see 5.2 pitches per AB and walk five times. The can’t-miss prospect is missing and needs help.

Call me!


 CJ Abrams

Will the body hold serve in professional baseball? I mean he skipped out on Area Codes which gives me a pause and makes me think he needed some time off? If the body fills out he could be Didi Gregorious…if it doesn’t is he Wilton Guerrero or Billy Hamilton?

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 Corbin Carroll

Woke up the next morning on the front pages. I told you a few weeks ago, right here in the digital pages of Inside the Scouting Trail…

Reminds me of a modern day Brett Butler


 Matthew Thompson

If you squint enough you might see some Doc Gooden in the delivery


 Brendan Malone

Didn’t see the downhill plane I wanted to see


 Hunter Barco

Pegging him Jeff Francis


 Matthew Allan

Pegging him Joe Blaton


 Rece Hinds

the 5 o’clock power is fun to watch but will it be offset by lumbering woes and a disinterest in fielding?



 Daniel Espino

East/West delivery cools my enthusiasm


 Jack Lieter

Al’s son


 Riley Greene

Managed to barrel balls at every stop during the showcase circuit…however BP at PG was underwhelming an indication of possible fatigue. All the value will be tied to the bat.


 Derek Diamond

Damned by fatigue? Wouldn’t be surprised if his 95 in the spring. Will be tough sign


Got short looks and short bursts and but gotta make quick decisions. Guys I’m intrigued…



 Myles Austin

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 JJ Goss

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 Jaden Brown

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 Nasim Nunez

There have been plenty of phenomenal shortstops who took a while to figure the bat out


 Gunnar Henderson

Reminds me a young Mark Tehean, will need to make similar adjustments to make it


 Bryce Osmond

Saw some LeMahieu….Would have liked to have seen him at SS & get some AB’s


Who will go # 1 in 2019?


 Adley Rutschman

Can you see the smile in Adley Rutschman’s face?

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