MLB Mock Draft 2019

MLB Mock Draft 2019 


Here’s proof that my mock draft looks a lot different than yours….



Pick 1: Baltimore Orioles 

The astrO’s process here mirrors Raiders Nation…..tight lip and secretive. And make no mistake about it, Mike Elias is making this decision……catcher or shortstop? who’s more valuable? who would you pay $300 million in free-agency? The last two World Series Champs have All-Star shortstops. Buster Posey had 3 Cy-Young pitchers to work with. IMO you can win w/ a catch n throw guy who can handle a staff….


I see a scenario unfolding where Witt takes a little less at 1 and fits Elias ammo (player development) and timeline better.


Prediction: Bobby Witt Jr.




Pick 2: Kansas City Royals


Beauty of this pick is it plays off last year’s picks…


Prediction: Adley Ruschman



Pick 3: Chicago White Sox


Historically the higher the White Sox select, the less risk they take…. Last year it was Madrigal, this year it’s Andrew Vaughn.


Prediction:  Andrew Vaughn



Pick 4 Miami Marlins


I’ve suspected an under-slot deal here since the beginning…


With the extra $$ they’ll reel in a fish later in the evening at #34


Who jumps on the deal???? Abrams is tempting, the swing is aesthetically pleasing but I see a litany of yellow flags that gives me pause….if my guys are saying Dee Gordon I pass…..I’d blow up everyone’s board and go with Corbin Carroll and go upside on pick #34


Prediction: Corbin Carroll



Pick 5 Detroit Tigers


The Tigers will roar deep in to see the bats and I see shades of Alec Bohm in Kody Hoese.


Riley Greene has been suspected to take an under-slot since the beginning of this process…JJ Bleday is repped by Boras Corp. so that’s going cost $$


How about complementing your future ace with a lefty sidekick? Nick Lodolo could slot in nicely as a future #2


Prediction: Nick Lodolo



Pick 6: San Diego Padres


Left-handed pitchers and bloodlines run deep here,  but the best case scenario here with this pick is a prospect who can blaze a quick path to the majors.


The Friars need a left handed bat and have draft capital to push a Boras client down to six…


Prediction: JJ Bleday



Pick 7 Cincinnati Reds


The old redlegs are starting to see a starting lineup that could mirror the Big Red Machine…


Prediction: Hunter Bishop 




Pick 8 Texas Rangers


The Rangers love to gift wrap Player Development with upside raw athletes, also it’s a farm begging for arms……. but in all honesty, I’d be a bit intimidated by selecting an arm here.


Carroll is on the wish list and Abrams will be tempting in this scenario but Shea Langerliers may remind them of catching stalwart Pudge Rodriguez??? Langerliers saves them some money and will be a valuable asset mentoring the young arms…..they’ll go upside with their next two picks.


Prediction: Shea Langerliers 




Pick 9 Atlanta Braves


IMO with this pick they’ll covet a fast moving bat with punch…they’d love to have either Bishop, Stott or Bleday fall here….


Prediction: Bryson Stott



Pick 10 San Francisco Giants


It’s a farm begging for athleticism….. but I sense Michael Busch fits Farhan Zaidi.


They’ve been on Stott all year…if he’s gone the alternative could be a toolsy HS athlete in the mold of Austin Beck….Keoni Cavaco??


IMO Busch would be a steal here….


Prediction: Michael Busch or Kody Hoese



Pick 11 Toronto Blue Jays


Looking for athlete’s who will buy into the club’s high performance program.


Prediction: CJ Abrams



Pick 12 New York Mets


Historically have drafted lefty bats that control the zone…….Conforto, Nimmo, Dom Smith, Kelenic…Riley Greene or Brett Baty


Prediction: Riley Greene



Pick 13 Minnesota Twins 


They value foot speed & bats but it will be a coup if a big arm is here…Kyren Paris would be a target at 39.


Keoni Cavaco is a name here…the relationship is tight. They had the 1st private workout lined up after his championship game saw scouts leave the yard with some Homestyle Hawaiian food…..made mom’s way


Prediction: Alek Manoah



Pick 14 Philadelphia Phillies

In the past it has always been all about the tools and upside, lottery ticket types….now its about winning baseball for seasons to come. They’ll cross their fingers and toes and hope he stays healthy and moves fast….


Prediction: Zack Thompson




Pick 15 Los Angeles Angels 


Have been on all in on twitchy athletes….Adell, Adams, Jackson and Maurice Hampton??


Prediction:  Gunnar Henderson



Pick 16 Arizona Diamonbacks


The Snakes had success with the bats last year, look for the same this year. IMO Busch and Hoese will be targets here.


Rays Prediction: Kody Hoese




Pick 17 Washington Nationals


The Nats usually target players who have slipped. Espino??? Or slipped due to poor performance, injury or make-up concerns. (Romero, Denaburg)


Prediction: Quinn Priester



Pick 18 Pittsburgh Pirates


Bucs love projectable bodies, left-handed hitters and pitchers who spin it: Waltson may remind them of Kershaw…


Prediction: Blake Waltson



Pick 19 St. Louis Cardinals


This pick will have a sense of deja vu…look for a player with upside who slipped.


Prediction: Jackson Rutledge



Pick 20 Seattle Mariners


Unless the Mariners turn adventuresome….it’s easy money to bet the Mariners 1st-round pick will be a college player.


Prediction: Michael Toglia or Logan Davidson or Josh Jung



Pick 21 Atlanta Braves


The Braves have a prep arm obsession….


Prediction: Matthew Allan



Pick 22 Tampa Bay Rays


Tampa’s strength is scouting and developing pitchers…they may decide to use all of their day one cash on pitching…but they also love Brooks Lee and chances are slim he’ll be available with their next pick at 36…


Prediction: Brooks Lee




Pick 23 Colorado Rockies


The Rockies have a knack for scouting bats….


Prediction: Logan Davidson or Kam Misner



Pick 24 Cleveland Indians


There’s a focus on tools and upside along with age relative to draft class here….Brooks Lee fits that Tyler Freeman model here


Prediction: Maurice Hampton



Pick 25  Los Angeles Dodgers


LA typically prefers college players early and we know the Dodgers love players who can be versatile….Brooks Lee has been a target


Prediction: Drey Jameson



Pick 26 Arizona Diamondbacks


Snakes have been everywhere this year……Look for a bat who controls the zone here (Brooks Lee if available) Nasim Nunez…


Prediction: Branden Shewmate 



Pick 27 Chicago Cubs


The Cubs have mastered the Free-Agent Sales Pitch and last year I wrote “don’t be surprised if that trickles down to the draft and a player who is suppose to go to an elite school ends up a Cub” ( Cole Roederer) (Brooks Lee??) Think college football recruiting here….

Like A’s size doesn’t matter here ( Hoerner, Roederer)


Prediction: Keoni Cavaco



Pick 28 Milwaukee Brewers

The game plan will be a spin-off from last year….Look for a player with upside who may have slipped


Prediction: Brennan Malone



Pick 29 Oakland A’s


The A’s have been in on Brooks Lee…

Prediction: Kam Misner



Pick 30 New York Yankees


Yankess can afford this….


Prediction: Jack Leiter



Pick 31 Los Angeles Dodgers

Brooks Lee is out in this scenario….

Prediction: Josh Wolf



Pick 32 Houston Astros 



Prediction: George Kirby



Comp Pick A

Pick 33 Arizona Diamondbacks


Prediction: Seth Johnson


Pick 34 Arizona Diamondbacks


Prediction: Chris Newell



Competitive Round A


Pick 35 Miami Marlins

Marlins are building a culture with Team USA participants and performers ( carroll & volpe)


Prediction: Anthony Volpe



Pick 36 Tampa Bay Rays


Prediction: Will Wilson



Pick 37 Pittsburgh Pirates


Prediction: Nasim Nunez



Pick 38 New York Yankees


Prediction: Myles Austin



Pick 39 Minnesota Twins


Prediction: Kyren Paris



Pick 40 Tampa Bay Rays


Prediction: JJ Goss



Pick 41 Texas Rangers


Prediction: Jimmy Lewis


Round 2


Pick 42 Baltimore Orioles

The Astros won a Championship with shortstops on the left side…

Prediction: Matthew Lugo


Pick 43 Boston Red Sox


Prediction: Josh Jung


Pick 44 Kansas City Royals



Building with college players…

Prediction:  Graeme Stinson


Pick 45 Chicago White Sox


Prediction: Greg Jones Jr


Pick 46 Miami Marlins


May see some Josh Reddick here….

Prediction: Hudson Head


Pick 47 Detroit Tigers


Get the power bat here….

Prediction: Drew Mendoza


Pick 48 San Diego Padres


underslot here since went over for Bleday……Milone reminds me of Trevor Story

Prediction: Brennan Milone


Pick 49 Cincinnati Reds


Prediction: Ryne Nelson 


Pick 50 Texas Rangers


Prediction:  Cameron Cannon or Espino?


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