Mock Draft (Updated) MLB Draft 2018

Draft Board 2018  Updated (4/6/2018)

1st Round Quick Bites and Mock Draft.

Who will rock the old english “D” on draft day?

MLB Draft 2018 Draft Board

Top Tier  – 1st RD

  1. Ethan Hankins – Electricity for days. Georgia Peach has top-of-the-rotation ceiling. Georgia peaches bloom in Spring and ripe in the fall.
  2. Matthew Liberatore –  The Mountain Ridge backdrop can propel a fledgling romance into full fligth romance. Lefty w/ top-of-the-rotation ceiling.
  3. Casey Mize – Split is spitfire – it’s a weapon -could get outs at the big-league level right now.
  4. Brady Singer – delicate luxury….I’m hopping aboard the health wagon here.
  5. Connor Scott -sun worshiping gold… raised. trust player development -future impact bat


Middle Tier  –  1st RD

Safe Picks

  1. Alec Bohm* –  Updated 4/5 earning his status- trending up. (highest floor, steady everyday bat)
  2. Travis Swaggerty trending down, will dial in on swing.
  3. Nick Madrigal – Will be ready to go once he arrives at the doorstep of your complex.
  4. Logan Gilbert – advanced college arm – inning eater
  5. Bart – catcher with power? discount double check
  6. Groshans*-   fancy wrist work = smooth trajectory
  7. Beck – Bending it like Beckkkk is the craze…….SoCal Bird soaring.


Volatile Picks

  1. Shane McClanahan –  dirty bull built for late-innings
  2. Kowar – big arm but erratic, arm is late…mild on him at moment
  3. Joe Gray Jr. -it’s a real looker for team on the prowl for ceiling  –Tori Hunter comp
  4. Turang – the bat speaks to me in a faint whisper. Can you teach baseball bloodlines new tricks?
  5. Gorman –  built himself a considerable fan base over the summer pageant circuit. Remember Sean Burroughs?  swing makes me fidgety at the moment.
  6. De Sadas – hyped prospect adorned with jewels- reminds me of a future Wilson Betemit


Pitchers (2 or 3 of this group move in top 10 on draft day)

  1. Rocker – for a team queue up for queso…. throws hard and has some breaking-ball feel. Reliever.
  2. Stewart – certain teams will chase spin. The Bucs love projectable ptichers w/ spin. ie. Lodolo
  3. Denaburg – has burst of helium.
  4. Grayson RodriguezUpdated 4/8 making noise and reaping rewards. Is there triple digits days ahead and future ace?
  5. WinnUpdated 4/5  moving up. Ball explodes late in all directions
  6. Vasil – cold-weather background –  crank up the heat so we can feel our faces, porfa!
  7. Cecconi – starter profile. delivery is cripsy n clean
  8. Becker – turkey legs – dreaming on 6’6 frame.


Back End Tier -#20-30 – 1st RD

College Pitchers

  1. Blaine Knight – loose, quick arm. I believe he can throw a behind-the-back pass
  2. CarranzaJeff Samardzija comp, inning eater. Looks like he could pitch all day if need be
  3. Sean Hjelle – worth monitoring
  4. Mercer –  honed his technique while apprenticing at Driveline.


  1. Rolison – lefty arm
  2. Tim Cate – Spins it. Ted Lilly comp
  3. Konnor Pilkington – throws left handed

Prep Arms

  1. Wilcox – for team on the prowl for ceiling
  2. Weathers – lefty body is pillowy soft

College Bats

  1. Jenista – gives me a mix of conflicting emotions. TBD
  2. Eierman – has Ryan Zimmerman load
  3. McCarthy* – Swing is easy to pick apart – slight adjustment away?
  4. Larnach – big names in attendance recently….I need more sampling
  5. Jonathan India – bolstering my confidence -more pop than Madrigal & Hoerner?
  6. Hoerner * – more pop than Madrigal?
  7. Tristan Pompey – bloodlines
  8. Kyle Isbel – inquiring nerd wants to know if every HR will be in the desert air?

Prep Bats

  1. Kelenic -jumped on some kind of swing trend and got Hercules on us…question looseness in swing.
  2. Banfield* – has juice in bat
  3. Tristan CasasJoey Gallo like swing n miss


Mock 1st 10 picks: 3/27/18

  1. Who will rock the old english D on draft day? We know the Tigers love power arms…Singer? too risk. Hankins? no HS RHP has gone 1. So Mize or Liberatore?  Mize has had the best year…… but shell life concerns me. Liberatore buys time, offers job security and would be the face of the franchise in 4 years. Liberatore would be the safe pick.

Tigers Prediction: Liberatore  


2. San Fran typically takes arms who would have otherwise been selected much higher,   Hankins or Mize? Front office isn’t in tear down mode….if team is winning into June they’ll take Mize and fast track him…..otherwise they are selling and bracing themselves for a Giant rebuild.  Hankins for the new regime.

Giants Prediction: Hankins


3. Philly is suddenly in win now mode. Not looking for a developmental project here.  They had success with an SEC pitcher. 

Phillies Prediction: Mize



4. This is where it could get weird. Chisox are cheap in free agency….so they’ll be thirsty for a power bat or live arm. Gorman, Singer?  however the systems is loaded with volatile bats and arms. Do they do they negotiate an underslot deal and get the most stable, ready player to complement a volatile system?

White Sox Prediction: Singer or Bohm



5. The Natti needs a power bat:  Nolan Gorman





6. There’s comfort in the “Conference of Champions” but Madrigal is not going this high.  Login Gilbert ( same school as deGrom)  or Travis Swaggerty. If available, Bohm offers the best bat to ball skill and goes here.

Mets Prediction: Bohm



7. The Fathers are in a good spot…..Farm depth allows for hunting for ceiling here if they want. Imagine a young core of Gore, Tatis and Connor Scott……However what happens at pick #4 & #5 will determine this pick. Maybe Gorman, Singer slip….is there’s comfort in track record? Gorman who has already hit a home run at Petco might be available. Singer might slip….If both are gone the safe pick would be Gilbert. If Swaggerty is Benintendi it’s a no brainier here. Grayson Rodriguez? 

Padres Prediction: Gilbert, Singer or Gorman 



8. Habitual hunters for ceiling and late bloomers. VasilDenaburg, Grayson Rodriguez  or Connor Scott. Singer if he slips. 

Braves Prediction: Denaburg or Grayson Rodriguez




9. Size doesn’t matter here – last year they went for ceiling, this year they’ll play it  safe. Madrigal, Swaggerty, Gilbert. If they are feeling frisky then Shane McClanahan or Stewart…..

A’s Prediction: Madrigal or Stewart




10. Bucs love projectable bodies, left-handed hitters and pitchers who spin it:

Prep player here. Stewart, Vasil, Denaburg or Turang, Gorman, Desadas, Connor Scott…….

Pirates Prediction: Stewart, Gorman, Turang



11. The Birds haven’t done well with showcase darlings in the past and they don’t do business internationally …which means they are opposed spending large sums on teenagers with limited track records….look for a college player here, preferably a polished college arm. Gilbert is ideal but if he may be gone. Who has the best track record from this trio? McClanahan or Kowar….. Madrigal could be in play if available.  Rocker if they decide to go on the prep side.

Orioles Prediction:   Gilbert, Kowar or Madrigal




12. Guerero, Bichete, Biggio…..does it suggest the Jays place a premium on a player’s bloodlines? Turang? Also, it’s particularly striking that not a single high school pitcher has been drafted in the top 10 rounds the last two years. College player or prep athlete here. Kowar, McClanahan, Swaggerty or Connor Scott……

Jays Prediction: Swaggerty




13. Ala the Yankess, I expect an appetite for a player who has played on the big stage. Either a tall durable pitcher that combines power, size and strength or a prep bat with upside but has obstacles to overcome. Whomever they select will have to pass the character and make-up checkmarks.   Rocker, Turang, Kowar. Is Greyson the next Jose Fernadnez?  

Marlins Prediction:  Rocker, Grayson Rodriguez, Turang




14. We know that Dipoto prefers college players and highlights risk statistics.

Kowar, Rolison, McClanahan, 


Mariners Prediction: Kowar, Rolison or McClanahan if not red flagged.                                                                             



15. Upside raw athletes here or big arms….Gray jr? Desasdas? Turang? Vasil?     Winn? Rocker?


Rangers Prediction:  Grayson Rodriguez or Connor Scott




16. Tampa’s strength is scouting & developing pitchers…..pitcher here: Vasil, Winn, Beck, Kowar, Becker…who ever has the best spin rates goes here.

Rays Prediction: Winn or Vasil



17. All in on prep prospects…figuring some will hit ceiling.  Gray jr, Turang, Desadas, Conner Scott or pitchers Winn, Vasil.


Angels Prediction:  Connor Scott or Turang




18. The Royals loaded up on position players and built a World Series Champion….They also love left-handed hitters and have extra picks and $$ to spend. Then again they did draft Brandon Finnegan 17th overall in 2014.

Kelenic, Turang, McClanahan

Royals Prediction: McClanahan or Turang




19. Will target lots of college performers in the draft….

Bart, Jenista, Eierman, Carranza, Rolison, India


Cardinals Prediction: Rolison or Eierman 




20. Targeting hard-throwing arms or catcher

Carranza, Kowar, Knight


Twins Prediction: Bart 





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