MLB Mock Draft 2019 (12/25/2018)


MLB Mock Draft 2019 

Picks 1 thru 50   (12/25/2018) 

The details are scant this early in the process….. but for fun let’s decode the 1st 50 picks and check back five months from now.



Pick 1: Baltimore Orioles 

The new regime will be frying it’s first bird……Rutschman or Witt? Well rounded catcher’s are hard to find & develop, IMO they can pluck a shortstop later…or do they take Witt at 1 and Patrick Bailey at 1 next year?


Prediction: Adley Rutschman




Pick 2: Kansas City Royals


KC will cater to thirsty Witt fans and media scrutiny. But can he hit professional pitching?


Prediction: Bobby Witt Jr



Pick 3: Chicago White Sox


Copy and paste what I said last year “Historically the higher the White Sox select, the less risk they take”  Last year it was Madrigal, this year it’s Langeliers. I like this pick for them.


Prediction:  Shea Langeliers



Pick 4 Miami Marlins


I expect an under-slot deal here…..


With the extra $$ they’ll reel in a fish later in the evening at #34 (Ealy?)

Who jumps on the deal? Carroll? Abrams?


Prediction: Kam Minzer  



Pick 5 Detroit Tigers


The Tigers will roar deep in to see these bats: Carroll, Abrams ,Greene, Mendoza and Davidson but all have questions…

Building a rotation around Mize could be the alternative.


Prediction: Graeme Stinson



Pick 6: San Diego Padres


The Padres are prepared to execute the next phase of this rebuilding plan, a phase in which they were ready to turn the corner and contend. At this point Preller can’t be stomaching the idea of selecting a lottery ticket…IMO the focus should be how to leverage this pick in order to best position themselves to be more competitive relatively quick. ie trade

We know left-handed pitchers and bloodlines run deep here, Glenallen Hill Jr or Leiter could be targets at #46.

The best case scenario here with this pick is a prospect who can blaze a quick path to the majors. In this scenario Graeme Stinson is gone.


Prediction: Zack Thompson



Pick 7 Cincinnati Reds


The old redlegs are starting to see a starting lineup that could mirror the Big Red Machine…

Senzel, Suarez, India, Trammell, Long, Stephenson, Vaughn


Prediction: Andrew Vaughn




Pick 8 Texas Rangers


The Rangers love to gift wrap Player Development with upside raw athletes…however in all honesty, I’d be a bit intimidated by selecting Abrams or Ealy here….

IMO it’s a farm begging for arms….it’s an arms race with Driveline roots…..Crouse, Winn, Carter Stewart?


Prediction: Carter Stewart




Pick 9 Atlanta Braves


The pitching situation in Atlanta is getting pretty crowded….and there not afraid of selecting a prep righty ( Malone??)

However IMO with this pick they’ll covet a fast moving bat with punch…Mendoza or Davidson will be two to monitor. Will they suddenly grasp plate discipline? The numbers will have to dazzle the analytics department here.

Their 2nd pick in the evening will play to their strength, pitching.


Prediction: Drew Mendoza or Logan Davidson



Pick 10 San Francisco Giants


A farm begging for athleticism….. Speed and Hit tool over power play well at Att&t Park


Prediction: Corbin Carroll



Pick 11 Toronto Blue Jays


Looking for athlete’s who will buy into the club’s high performance program.


Prediction: CJ Abrams 



Pick 12 New York Mets


Historically have drafted lefty bats that control the zone…….


Prediction: Riley Greene



Pick 13 Minnesota Twins 


They value foot speed & bats but it will be a coup if Malone is here. Had Malone here in my early mock back in August. Will it stick?


Prediction: Brennan Malone



Pick 14 Philadelphia Phillies

In the past it has always been all about the tools and upside, lottery ticket types….now its about winning baseball for seasons to come. Safe pick here.


Prediction: Braden Shewmake




Pick 15 Los Angeles Angels 


Have been on all in on twitchy athletes….Adell, Adams, Jackson


Prediction: Greg Jones or Will Holland



Pick 16 Arizona Diamonbacks


The Snakes had success with the bats last year, look for the same this year. IMO Holland, Shewmake, Davidson will be targets here.


Rays Prediction: Will Holland 




Pick 17 Washington Nationals


The Nats usually target players who have slipped. Or slipped due to poor performance, injury or make-up concerns. (Romero, Denaburg)

Also, Scott Boras has a great rapport with the Nats… could be landing spot for Boras client to sign.


Prediction: Daniel Espino 



Pick 18 Pittsburgh Pirates


Bucs love projectable bodies, left-handed hitters and pitchers who spin it: Nelson may remind them of a young Clay Buchholz


Prediction: Ryne Nelson



Pick 19 St. Louis Cardinals


This pick will have a sense of deja vu…look for a player with upside who slipped.


Prediction: Bryson Stott



Pick 20 Seattle Mariners


Unless the Mariners turn adventuresome….it’s easy money to bet the Mariners 1st-round pick will be a college player.


Prediction: JJ Bleday



Pick 21 Atlanta Braves


The Braves have a prep arm obsession….


Prediction: Matthew Thompson



Pick 22 Tampa Bay Rays


Tampa’s strength is scouting and developing pitchers…they may decide to use all of their day one cash on pitching…


Prediction: Nick Lodolo




Pick 23 Colorado Rockies


The Rockies have a knack for scouting bats….


Prediction: Logan Davidson



Pick 24 Cleveland Indians


There’s a focus on tools and upside along with age relative to draft class here….

I’m getting super aggressive and bold here.  The name isn’t on many top draft boards, but he may carry just enough shine to swing his way here. May also have an injury on the resume.


Prediction: Chris Newell



Pick 25  Los Angeles Dodgers


LA typically prefers college players early and we know the Dodgers love players who can be versatile…


Prediction:  Michael Toglia


Pick 26 Arizona Diamondbacks


Look for a bat who controls the zone here…


Prediction: Logan Wyatt



Pick 27 Chicago Cubs


The Cubs have mastered the Free-Agent Sales Pitch and last year I wrote “don’t be surprised if that trickles down to the draft and a player who is suppose to go to an elite school ends up a Cub” ( Cole Roederer)

Like A’s size doesn’t matter here ( Hoerner, Roederer)

Look for another ‘high-end” college bat here.


Prediction: Michael Busch Wallner or Tyler Dyson,



Pick 28 Milwaukee Brewers

The game plan will be a spin-off from last year….Look for a player with upside who may have slipped


Prediction: Rece Hinds



Pick 29 Oakland A’s


Sonny Gray clone? Could be some comfort here…..


Prediction: Jack Leiter



Pick 30 New York Yankees


Short porch, could be Left handed version of Aaron Judge?


PredictionMatt Wallner



Pick 31 Los Angeles Dodgers


Prediction: JJ Goss



Pick 32 Houston Astros 


In some ways the Stros love to make picks that tricks your eyes

If you squint enough and have a vision, Strumpf’s hitting mechanics are reminiscent of Paul Korneko.

Prediction: Chase Strumpf


Comp Pick A

Pick 33 Arizona Diamonbacks


Prediction: Will Robertson


Competitive Round A


Pick 34 Miami Marlins

The media and internet love to romanticized idea of a two-sport star…..the fish are in rebuild mode can afford to take that a chance here…


Prediction: Jerroin Ealy



Pick 35 Tampa Bay Rays

A mountain of a man


Prediction: Alek Manoah



Pick 36 Cincinnati Reds


Prediction: Cameron Cannon



Pick 37 Pittsburgh Pirates 


Prediction: Spencer Jones



Pick 38 Tampa Bay Rays 

Prediction: Nasim Nunez



Pick 39 Texas Rangers


Prediction: Matthew Allan



Pick 40 Minnesota Twins 


Prediction: Tyler Dodson


Round 2


Pick 41 Baltimore Orioles


Prediction: Matthew Lugo


Pick 42 Kansas City Royals


Prediction: Erik Miller


Pick 43 Boston Red Sox


Prediction: Will Wilson


Pick 44 Chicago White Sox


Prediction: Josh Jung


Pick 45 Miami Marlins


Prediction: Maurice Hampton or Myles Austin


Pick 46 Detroit Tigers


Prediction: Kyle Stowers


Pick 47 San Diego Padres


Prediction: Ethan Hearn


Pick 48 Cincinnati Reds


Prediction: Blake Sabol


Pick 49 Texas Rangers


Prediction: Bryce Osmond


Pick 50 San Francisco Giants


Prediction: Hunter Barco





Candidate to slip:







Draft Sleepers





High Variance




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