MLB Mock Draft 2020 – Quick Bites


MLB Mock Draft 2020 





Pick 1: Detroit Tigers 


I’m in on Tork but a front line lefty is far more difficult to find & develop than a power hitting 1B.


My Pick: Asa Lacy         

Tigers Prediction :  Spencer Torkelson



Pick 2: Baltimore Orioles


The Birds are building up the middle…and I’m going underslot.


My Pick: Nick Gonzales           

Orioles Prediction : Austin Martin



Pick 3: Miami Marlins


Vandy reunion here?


My Pick : Austin Martin         

Marlins Prediction:  Asa Lacy



Pick 4 Kansas City Royals


Does a Boras Corp client ever $lip?


My Pick: Spencer Torkelson       

Royals Prediction: Zac Veen 



Pick 5  Toronto Blue Jays



I’m bias here I like to see a lineup of ……Bichette, Kjerstad & Vlady


My Pick: Heston Kjerstad       

Blue Jays Prediction:  Emerson Hancock



Pick 6: Seattle Mariners


Gonzales is out in this scenario so Meyer or Detmers? The lefty is tempting and safe but I’d like to live on the edge and Meyer gives me that.


My Pick: Max Meyer           

Mariners Prediction: Nick Gonzales



Pick 7 Pittsburgh Pirates



Who will raise the Jolly Roger flag here?


The Bucs could flirt underslot and package a deal w/ CAA…..PCA and Parada?


My Pick: Zac Veen              

Pirates  Prediction: Heston Kjerstad



Pick 8 San Diego Padres


Riding the child star wave here….


My Pick: Pete Crow Armstrong           

Padres Prediction: Max Meyer



Pick 9 Colorado Rockies


System is in need of athlete’s and arms….

Kjerstad is prob the preference but in this scenario he is off the board. Soderstrom/Hassell fit the LH hitting profile they’ve signed & developed ( Dahl, McMahon)  but Dillon Dingler prob comes at a better savings…..


My Pick: Dillon Dingler             

Rockies Prediction: Robert Hassell



Pick 10 Los Angeles Angels


Patrick Bailey or Detmers makes sense here but the Halos have been chasing upside the last few years…. Nick Bitsko?


My Pick : Nick Bitsko              

Prediction: Reid Detmers



Pick 11 Chicago White Sox


Chisox likes to play safe in 1st RD and then go after more risky type with next pick.


Bailey or Detmers here.


My Pick:  Patrick Bailey           

Prediction: Patrick Bailey



Pick 12 Cincinnati Reds


The ol’red legs parachuted in to see PCA but he gone in this scenario.

Mick Abel? Robert Hassell? who wins in the draft room?


My Pick: Robert Hassell           

Reds Prediction: Mick Abel 



Pick 13 San Francisco Giants


NorCal has been chasing upside and had an eye on PCA but they also have those extra comp picks coming up.


Foscue could be a little rich here but it may give them a whole lot of financial flexibility for those comp picks. Howard and Mitchell fit that upside but Bitsko is highest remaining talent on my board.


My Pick: Bitsko is my 1st choice but he is off my board here but no need to settle… I go aggressive here with  Tanner Witt 


Giants Prediction: PCA or Nick Bitsko



Pick 14 Texas Rangers


The Lone Star state has been shying away from the ultra risky type of late…

Loftin or Bailey


My Pick: Nick Loftin         

Rangers Prediction: Bitsko or Nick Loftin



Pick 15 Philadelphia Phillies


Cavalli’s mustang fastball or Tennessee Whisky


My Pick: Garret Crochet

Phillies PredictionCade Cavalli



Pick 16 Chicago Cubs


The computer may spit out Nick Loftin or Foscue but G-Mitch wins the foot race….


My Pick: Emerson Hancock

Cubs Prediction: Garret Mitchell



Pick 17 Boston Red Sox 


The Sawx  lurked in quietly on PCA and Mitchell…Howard could be an option as well.


My Pick:  Garret Mitchell 

Red Sox Prediction: Ed Howard



Pick 18 Arizona Diamondbacks


Soderstrom and Burns at 33


My Pick:  Tyler Soderstrom

Dbacks Prediction: Tyler Soderstrom



Pick 19 New York Mets


.Forever linked to left-handed bats


My Pick: Cade Cavalli

Mets Prediction: Austin Hendricks



Pick 20 Milwaukee Brewers

Building up the middle and according to my twisted algorithm I’m going with….


My Pick: David Calabrese

Brewers Prediction: Dillon Dingler



Pick 21 St. Louis Cardinals 


The Birds always chirp out arms….


My Pick: Mick Abel

Prediction:  Jared Kelley



Pick 22 Washington Nationals



The Champs love volatile profiles…..


My Pick:  Jarred Kelley

Nats Prediction: Garret Crochet



Pick 23 Cleveland Indians


A leaner Tribe model picks…..


My Pick:  Ed Howard

Tribe Prediction:  Tanner Witt



Pick 24 Tampa Bay Rays

Power displays will bring the hardned fans back….


My Pick: Aaron Sabato

Rays Prediction: Aaron Sabato 



Pick 25  Atlanta Braves


Americans Team…..


My Pick: Bryce Jarvis

Braves Prediction: Nick Lofton or Jarvis



Pick 26 Oakland A’s


Straight A’s


My Pick: Justin Foscue

A’s Prediction: Justin Foscue



Pick 27 Minnesota Twins


The Twinkies dig upside….


My Pick: Kevin Parada

Twins Prediction: Carson Tucker



Pick 28 New York Yankees 


Short Porch and lack of LH Bats in system – could move fast


My Pick : Austin Wells

Yankees Prediction: Austin Wells



Pick 29 Los Angeles Dodgers 


Time to restock the talent pond….


My Pick: Milan Tolentino

LA Prediction: Milan Tolentino



Pick 30 Baltimore Orioles


PredictionDavid Calabrese



Pick 31 Pittsburgh Pirates


Prediction: Kevin Parada



Pick 32 Kansas City Royals



Prediction: Jared Shuster



Pick 33 Arizona Diamondbacks


Prediction: Tanner Burns


Pick 34 San Diego Padres


Prediction: Clayton Beeter



Pick 35 Colorado Rockies


Prediction: Bobby Miller



Pick 36 Cleveland Indians


Prediction: Petey Halpin



Pick 37 Tampa Bay Rays

Prediction: Cole Wilcox



Pick 38 Detroit Tigers


Prediction: JT Ginn



Pick 39 Baltimore Orioles


Prediction: CJ Van Eyk



Pick 40 Miami Marlins


Prediction: Casey Martin



Pick 41 Kansas City Royals


Prediction: Anthony Servideo



Pick 42 Toronto Blue Jays


Prediction: Daniel Cabrera


Pick 43 Seattle Mariners



Prediction: Carmen Mlodzinski


Pick 44 Pittsburgh Pirates


Prediction: Chris McMahon


Pick 45 San Diego Padres


Prediction: Slade Cecconi


Pick 46 Colorado Rockies


Prediction: Kyle Harrison


Pick 47 Chicago White Sox 


Prediction: Markevian Hence


Pick 48 Cincinnati Reds


Prediction: Jared Jones


Pick 49 San Francisco Giants 


Prediction: Dax Fulton


Pick 50 Texas Rangers


Prediction:  Jake Vogel



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