MLB Mock Draft 2019 (4/23/2019)

MLB Mock Draft 2019 

Picks 1 thru 10  (4/24/2019) 

Smoke-screen season remains in full effect ahead of the MLB draft….. but for fun let’s get decode the 1st ten picks….



Pick 1: Baltimore Orioles 

The new regime will be frying it’s first bird……  Rutschman is the consensus 1st pick but has that momentum come to a halt over a medical concern? How much will a past shoulder injury affect the algorithm here? Labrum or rotator? Left or right ? IDK


The Birds have a history of nixing deals over medicals…TBD


Prediction: Adley Rutschman




Pick 2: Kansas City Royals


KC will cater to thirsty Witt fans and media scrutiny.


Clean cut, All-American w/ MLB pedigree….The  next George Brett.


Prediction: Bobby Witt Jr



Pick 3: Chicago White Sox


Copy and paste what I said last year “Historically the higher the White Sox select, the less risk they take”  Last year it was Madrigal, this year it’s Andrew Vaughn or Bryson Stott. I like Stott for them….but will his slanted figure scare them off?


Prediction:  Bryson Stott



Pick 4 Miami Marlins


I’ve suspected an under-slot deal here since the beginning…


With the extra $$ they’ll reel in a fish later in the evening at #34


Who jumps on the deal?


Prediction: CJ Abrams



Pick 5 Detroit Tigers


The Tigers will roar deep in to see the bats….but will settle with an under-slot deal and try to infuse the org with talent….Bryson Stott or Riley Greene.


Riley Greene has been suspected to take an under-slot since the beginning of this process.


Prediction:Riley Greene



Pick 6: San Diego Padres


Left-handed pitchers and bloodlines run deep here,  but the best case scenario here with this pick is a prospect who can blaze a quick path to the majors.


The Friars need a left handed bat….


Prediction: JJ Bleday, Hunter Bishop, Kameron Misner, Michael Busch, Bryson Stott



Pick 7 Cincinnati Reds


The old redlegs are starting to see a starting lineup that could mirror the Big Red Machine…


Prediction: Andrew Vaughn




Pick 8 Texas Rangers


The Rangers love to gift wrap Player Development with upside raw athletes, also it’s a farm begging for arms……. but in all honesty, I’d be a bit intimidated by selecting an arm here.


The Lone Star State will get San Diego’s left overs here…


Prediction: Hunter Bishop, Bryson Stott, JJ Bleday, Kameron Misner




Pick 9 Atlanta Braves


IMO with this pick they’ll covet a fast moving bat with punch…they’d love to have either Bishop, Stott or Bleday fall here.


The alternative question, will Jack Leiter be available at 21??


Could see Jack Leiter here then a bat …..Mendoza ,Logan Davidson, Toglia at 21?


Prediction: Jack Leiter



Pick 10 San Francisco Giants


It’s a farm begging for athleticism….. but I sense Michael Busch fits Farhan Zaidi.


IMO Busch would be a steal here….


Prediction: Michael Busch



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