Early 2021 MLB Mock Draft – Picks 1-16

Early MLB Mock Draft 2021 


Pick 1: Pittsburgh Pirates

My Pick: Jud Fabian


Pick 2: Texas Rangers

In the mix: Leiter, Lawler, Rocker

My Pick: Jack Leiter


Pick 3: Detroit Tigers

Rocker fits Tigers profile to a tee….

My Pick : Kumar Rocker



Pick 4 Boston Red Sox

Prep with upside, underslot…unless any of the above slip

In the mix ( Moller, Mayer, Benny Mongotmery, Lawler)

My Pick: Ian Moller or Marcelo Mayer


Pick 5  Baltimore Orioles

Fabian would be clear choice here but he gone in this scenario.

Binellas goes here if he can stick at 3b.

In the mix (Levi Usher, Alex Binelas, Marcelo Mayer, Del Castillo)

My Pick: Alex Binelas


Pick 6: Arizona Diamondbacks

In the mix ( Jaden Hill, Mayer, Moller, Binelas, Del Castillo, Henry Davis, Levi Usher, Benny Montgomery)

My Pick: Marcelo Mayer or Ian Moller


Pick 7 Kansas City Royals

In the mix ( Henry Davis, Levi Usher, Hill, Hajar, Del Castillo)

My Pick:   Jaden Hill or Henry Davis


Pick 8 Colorado Rockies

My Pick: Benny Mongotmery or Levi Usher


Pick 9 Los Angeles Angels

Halos need arms….

My Pick:  Gunnar Hoglund


Pick 10  New York Mets

Mayer’s floor here, I’m going upside here w/ a kid who reminds of Max Meyer

My Pick : Chase Petty      


Pick 11 Washington Nationals

I’m the low guy on Lawlar, I’d package him in an off-season trade to a team who covets him in the draft. The Halos could do the same at pick 9

My Pick:  Jordan Lawlar


Pick 12 Seattle Mariners

My Pick: Steve Hajjar


Pick 13 Philadelphia Phillies

My Pick: Henry Davis


Pick 14 San Francisco Giants

Stuff reminds of Strasburgh

My Pick:  Eric Cerantola


Pick 15 Milwaukee Brewers


My Pick: Benny Mongotmery


Pick 16 Miami Marlins

My Pick: Adrian Del Castillo


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