Draft Hot Sheet

Draft Hot Sheet

Recognizing the hottest draft prospects 

Diablo en Fuego

Dylan Crews – OF

Had a Clint Frazier comp coming into the season but he came out with the eye of the tiger ( 26BB/12K) Locked in!

Paul Skenes – 

Bayou, Bayou and Bayou….

Cameron Johnson -LHP

Mid to late 1st round Heat

Adrian Santana -SS

Powering himself up draft boards


Notable Hunter’s

  • Hunter Owen – LHP  ↑
  • Hunter Dietz –  LHP  ↑


  • Liam Peterson and Cole Schoenwetter: draft status plagued by walks
  • Roman Martin – streaky bat, the HS version of Dansby Swanson
  • Jason DeCaro: ’23 or 24’class??
  • Nathan Brittain : 100

Eric Bitonti – INF  👀 What will wind whisper in Cary, NC 



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