Draft Recap: Winners

MLB Draft 2019 



There’s still plenty of picks to go, but these are my early winners per division….


(Divisions in order of strength)



NL West 


1.   Arizona Diamonbacks


Snakes cleaned up……well done. 



2.   Los Angeles Dodgers


Hoese, Busch, Jimmy Lewis and Pepiot are coups to already strong system



3.  San Diego Padres


Abrams is an exciting project and Mears is going to hit…you may even argue Mears over Carroll long term.  Overall the system has depth and pieces for trades….Tarver, Rivera and Hampton are coups if they sign.



4.  Colorado Rockies


They targeted Toglia early and got him. Aaron Schunk and Jared Horn are faves……Koss is an interesting project



5.  San Francisco Giants


In on Bishop at 10……Preferred Josh Wolf or Aaron Schunk over Logan Wyatt



AL East   


 1   Baltimore Orioles 


The O’s took five guys on my big board. Rutchsman was the easy choice, taking Witt required grande pelotas…….. Ortiz & Hernaiz remind me of Jonathan Ornelas.



2.  Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa’s strength is scouting and developing pitchers and they got a haul to work with: …JJ Goss, Seth Johnson, Doxakis, Stinson, Brecht….and Sasaki is a fav



3. Toronto Blue Jays


Arms: Manoah & Kendall Williams and athlete’s  who will buy into the club’s high performance program. ( Dasan Brown & Cameron Eden)



4.  Boston Red Sox


Relative to where they were picking they walk out with some intriguing pieces….Keane is interesting if he signs.



5.  New York Yankees


Solid haul just wasn’t overwhelmed



NL East


1.  Atlanta Braves


Not the sexiest of picks as previous regime but two picks from my top five…… Beau Phillip is a sleeper


2.   New York Mets


Not in on Baty at 12 but Wolf & Allan are coups…..Strategy well played if Allan signs. 



3.  Washington Nationals


Walk away with some future big league arms…



4.   Miami Marlins


Wasn’t in on Bleday at four and Misner’s swing needs an overhaul…..Nunez  bat is light.


Good Luck PD staff



5.  Philadelphia Phillies


All rides on Stott’s bat



AL Central 


1. Kansas City Royals


Witt Jr becomes the face of the franchise….Marsh & Gambrell play off last year’s picks….



2.  Chicago White Sox


Stayed true to the playbook…..Historically the higher the White Sox select, the less risk they take…. Last year it was Madrigal, this year it was Andrew Vaughn….. Matthew Thompson & Drew Dalquist are intriguing arms 



3.  Detroit Tigers


Quintana and Lipcius are solid but Riley Greene had long been suspected to take an under-slot and didnt……could have used that savings/strategy to get some more upside projectable athletes



4.  Minnesota Twins 


Risk/Reward: Cavaco, Wallner and Holland are boom or bust – Steer is a a fav. 



5.   Cleveland Indians


Risk/Reward:  Daniel Espino, Yordys Valdes and Jordan Brown are boom or bust 



AL West


1.  Houston Astros 



In on Korey Lee, Jordan Brewer and Colin Barber…..Kessinger is sneaky



2.  Seattle Mariners


Nice collection of arms…… easy money to bet the Mariners 1st-round pick will be a college player again next year



3.  Oakland A’s


Picks that will yield big league value…in on Greer



4.  Texas Rangers


Boras theme this year….wasn’t in Jung at 8th…. Wendzel is a safe pick.

Not the typical raw upside athletes




 5.  Los Angeles Angels 


Move up significantly if Will Wilson stays at SS and Kyren Parris bat develops


NL Central


1.   Pittsburgh Pirates


Interesting projects….. Priester, Gorski, Triolo, Sabol. Wasn’t in on Siani in 2nd rd though 



2.    St. Louis Cardinals


Outside of Zack Thompson I didn’t get too many butterflies…



3.    Chicago Cubs


Jansen and Hearn but couldn’t get pappa Lee to sign off on Brooks Lee



4. Milwaukee Brewers

Handcuffed by draft money



5. Cincinnati Reds


Lodolo here was just too rich for my blood, the next three picks are going to rack up K’s…Yang is a sleeper





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