MLB Draft 2022: Quick Bites

Mock Draft Quick bites (4/26/22)


Took a minute but everyone is in the holiday spirit now…




The playbook hasn’t changed here, the O’s will flex their financial muscles for a few days.

Notably the birds have been circling in heavy on Druw Jones & Elijah Green.

Will Elijah take less green than Druw at 1-1?


My Pick: Brooks Lee  ( underslot) – prep arms w/ subsequent picks


I sense the snakes don’t want to deal with Boras Corp here.

With 3 picks within the top 50 I sense a trim.


 My Pick: Termarr Johnson  (underslot) – followed up w/ high end prep arm (Ritchie?) 


The relationship w/ Boras Corp is in place and Rangers are going big here, perhaps even over$lot to land Druw Jones.

Jackson Holliday is the alternative pick


My Pick: Druw Jones (overslot) 


The Bucs are in the same boat as the Snakes above and can get creative with pick.

Chase DeLauter or Jordan Beck could be underslot. Parada or Holliday?


My Pick: Jackson Holliday ( slot)  – followed up w/ college outfielder ( Fabian, Beavers, Gilbert)


Parada or Green?


My Pick: Elijah Green ( slot)  


Still figuring out why the Fish gave the O’s 1M to play with.

Collier or Parada?


My Pick: Kevin Parada (slot) 


Ferris or Lesko?

One pitched all summer and spring while the other pitched maybe ten innings over the summer and now has elbow soreness. I’m walking away from Lesko here.


My Pick: Jackson Ferris  (slot) 


Justin Crawford, Daniel Susac, Cam Collier or Barriera

Age plays a big factor in the Twinkies model, so youth wins out here.


My Pick: Cam Collier (under) 


Raise your hand if you had Robert Moore or Brock Jones here – it’s ok we know who you are.

I sense KC wants a bat here, ideally an outfield bat. (Gavin Cross, Jordan Beck or Chase DeLauter) with Berry and Jung looking in.


My Pick:  Chase DeLauter ( under-slot)  – followed up with toolsy prep outfielder 


No holiday here as the Rockies are busy working the phones…..

Jordan Beck’s bat and athleticism is too good to pass up here. Jett Williams could be a sleeper here. (under)


My Pick: Jordan Beck (slot)  – followed up w/ college arm and Owen Murphy as 3B? 


pre-draft deal or slide?


My Pick: Dylan Lesko (over)


Dreaming of a 1-2 of Jackson Jobe and Brandon Barriera


My Pick: Brandon Barriera (slot)


This one is a little tricky as the Halos don’t have a 2nd Rd pick and will either be all in on this pick or try to cut a deal….


Pick: Daniel Susac (slot)


Pretty straight forward here…..might flirt with J Crawford here.


 Pick: Cole Young (under)


The Friars will be strategic here and over pay later….Jett Williams has that Friar swag.

Justin Crawford, Connor Prielipp or Blade Tidwell


 My Pick: Connor Prielipp (under) 


The Guardians model may try to outsmart everyone here…..Tommy Specht or Sal Stewart or Cutter all underslot options here


Pick: Gavin Cross (slot) 


The Phillies go all in on the old man Schultz


Pick: Noah Schultz (slot)


Berry or Jung


Pick: Jacob Berry (slot)



 My Pick:  Cooper Hjerpe  (slot)



My Pick: Max Martin  (under)


The M’s are players on the prep showcase circuit these days….Jung?


My Pick: Sal Stewart (under)



My Pick: Jett Williams (slot)


Jung slide ends here? Hughes or Tidwell


My Pick: Gabriel Hughes (slot)  followed by outfielders in subsequent pick(s) college/HS


Red Sox Nation have been in deep on Cutter Coffey


My Pick: Tommy Specht (under) – followed by going over on Coffey and Ike Irish. 



Pick: Jace Jung (slot)



My Pick: Logan Tanner (slot)



My Pick: Peyton Graham (slot)



My Pick: Tucker Toman (slot)


like father, like son


My Pick: Justin Crawford (over slot)


Tidwell or Doughty


My Pick: Cade Doughty (slot)


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