Draft Notes

Dylan Crews

The All-American, The Golden Spikes, The National Championship….do the all the awards and accolades add up to $10 million? If there’s a player who is going to break that barrier it’s Dylan Crews.

Projected Bonus: $9m +, $10 m???


Paul Skenes

The number to beat here is Jack Leiter $8m

Project Bonus: $8.5 – $8.9


Max Clark

will take underlsot at 1.1 think $7.7m – otherwise full slot at pick 4 or overslot w/ A’s or Reds.


Pittsburgh Pirates

Pirates are competitive and may be an ace away. Would they rather acquire a potential ace via the draft or free agency? Easy choice.

Crews and Skenes sit atop the board, but are they willing to tie all the 1.1 money on one player?? Crews could demand 10m. They’ll cover there bases and much like in 2021 they’ll explore a underslot deal ( Max Clark or Wyatt Langford) projected underslot deal at $7.7m. The question is who do they target at pick 42? ( is there a Solomento or Bubba Chandler they can float that far down? )

Who will raise the Jolly Roger flag at 1.1?



Washington Nationals

The Nats don’t undercut anyone at the top – they’ll go full slot to get who they want.  The Nats have been targeting power arms and we know Rizzo dropped in on Skenes at Ole Miss. Skenes is their Strasburg.



Detroit Tigers

The new regime could play it safe and take the player that falls to them here (Wyatt) or they can be bold and make a loud roar here….

  1. They have draft $ and could throw $9m-$10m at Crews or Skenes
  2. The new regime has a creative past and like toolsy players ( under slot Nimmala and spread draft $)



Texas Rangers

They’ll all in big D and have depth in the farm so why not throw all of your draft pool money on Crews or Skenes ( replace deGrom)

Underslot target is Arjun Nimmala, if so they must have targets on day 2

final option, let draft fall to them here ( Max Clark, Wyatt Langford, Walker Jenkins)



Minnesota Twins

Power Arms and Youth factor here

Noble Meyer at pick #5 (underslot ) and Joey Volchko at pick #34 (overslot)

Max Clark could be option, but no overslot deal here.


Oakland A’s

Arjun Nimmala is their type….toolsy /upside like some picks and signings of the past: Austin Beck, Kyle Murray , Robert Puason



Cincinnati  Reds

The Reds much like the A’s are willing to overpay to get a guy to slide ( think Cam Collier last yr)

Max Clark or Walker Jenkins



Kansas City Royals


Still somewhat of a mystery . Hunch tells me they play it safe and take Rhett Lowder. Risk/Reward in subsequent picks



Colorado Rockies


The Rockies have been hunting for arms all spring. Jacob Gonzales could do serious damage in Colorado though.


Miami Marlins

Still fishing for intel here.





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