Who Will Go #1 in 2018?

Let’s break out the bubbly and celebrate the Parade Marching Ace in this year’s draft.


Is it Hankins or Singer?


Who will stay healthy?


Remember Georgia peaches typically bloom in the spring and ripen in the fall….




MLB Draft 2018

  1. Tigers – How loud is a Tiger’s roar? Will they take the College arm or HS RHP or LHP?
  2. Giants – Giant rebuild ahead
  3. Phillies – Kid has liberty bells
  4. White Sox – White Flags fly forever…prospect haul isn’t what you think
  5. Reds  – Taking the scenic route here, no rush…all organic and home grown
  6. Mets – The Home Run Apple…it pretty much covers all the bases
  7. Padres – Prellerpoloza 2018…tour season is just around the corner
  8. Braves – Foreign Substance Makeover
  9. A’s – Just give them all the science awards
  10. Pirates – Lodolo, Mitchell,  Argh …



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